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Abeyratna & Company

AbeyRatna & Company is a firm of Chartered Accountants which commenced its services in 1984. The firm is a sole proprietorship under the guidance of Mr. Sunil AbeyRatna and the core business competencies of the firm include Auditing, Taxation, Legal and services to office automation including IT. The firm employees highly skilled persons to approach each engagement with a proactive mindset, seeking to detect areas of any business entity’s operations, management and any automated infrastructure in which improvements could positively impact entities’ profitability. We offer business consulting services from the well experienced hands of our company to make accurate decisions to achieve your goals smoothly.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision..

is to be the solution Partner of our clients together with our professionals, each of which is expert in their field by providing independent objective and reliable reviews and assessments in their activities, operations, financial systems and internal controls in accordance with clients needs extending and empowering the existing human network.

Our Mission..

is to provide exceptional financial, auditing, bookkeeping tax and consulting services to our clients.

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